Thursday, May 5, 2011


God is good! We were told it was going to be very difficult to find an apartment for so many people. We met with a rental agency person this afternoon and she showed us two apartments. The first was two very small bedrooms and no pool. We could have made it work but we would have been very cramped. The second one is more perfect than we could have imagined! Three bedrooms, two balconies, gated community, private playground (swings, slide, sandbox, seesaw, etc!), soccer field, big pool with a baby pool, public playground next door (there are not many public playgrounds in Medellin so this is a big deal), and if we go downhill there are lots of food places. If we go uphill we find a Carrolla (?) and Exito- both Walmart type stores and also a big shopping mall!  We are so thankful that God provided this!

So here's the plan for tomorrow... We will have desayuno of huevos & arepas (breakfast-eggs and arepas!) at 8am at the B&B.  Then Gloria will pick us up in a big van at 9am and take us to the ICBF office. We will meet with a whole team of people- Nora (attorney), Blanca, both Glorias, social workers, the minor defender, psychologist, and a whole slew of other people! They said maybe up to 15 people! This meeting will be for us to hear ALL the children's information in full. In our referral paperwork it is just a summary of the children's history, but in this meeting we will hear all of it and have opportunity to ask a lot of questions.

Then they will bring the children in to us! After a bit, we will leave and go back to the b&b for lunch, then pack up all the suitcases and switch over to the apartment!
We are so super excited and I have a feeling I am going to have a difficult time sleeping tonight!  I keep thinking about what the children are feeling tonight. Are they scared? Are they having trouble sleeping? Are they sad knowing they will say goodbye forever to their foster family? Are they staring at the photo albums we sent? So many thoughts....

Please, amigos, keep all of us in prayer tomorrow as we meet each other for the first time. I have no expectations on how the first moments will be- could be wonderful or terrible! Either is fine and is part of our family's story and will be precious no matter what.

 I still cannot believe we have the priviledge to be their parents. I am in awe of this honor. We are nothing special. Not extraordinary parents by ANY means. We are sinners who mess up more times than I care to admit in public. We get impatient, selfish and lazy. Yet, in His amazing love and grace, God has given us the gift to be mami y papi to these precious ninos. We get the priviledge of telling them of Jesus and how much each of us need Him. We get to love on them and lavish them with with grace and teach them of their Maker. I am totally humbled by this. Life doesn't get any better than this, my friends. To walk in His will, and to know you are fully in step with the Spirit's leading- ah, no, nothing better...

Buenas Noches!


  1. God is amazing! The place looks and sounds perfect for you all. Glad you found one with plenty of space

  2. Just beyond excited for you all! So blessed to follow your journey! I'll be praying for you in the morning!

  3. So thankful for this apartment- it has been my prayer all day! You know what I'll be doing tomorrow... it is so humbling watching the Lord work in all of your lives. We love you all.

  4. I am so excited for you all. Was praying you would have a super apartment before you got the chicos. Sounds wonderful! I miss you guys so much, it aches! So wish I could be there (no, I promise not to get on a plane and crash your party, but it is soooo tempting! Good for you that I don't have a passport enabling me to do that!)

  5. I am so excited for you! By now you have your new children. Your apartment sounds perfect.


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