Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 8

Two steps forward, one step back. That's our saying for the day.

It was a doozy. Luisa woke up on the wrong side of the bed to start with and we could see the day going downhill from there. First, she refused to go to the park with everyone else, which I didn't mind too much since I still don't feel good. Then, late in the morning she had a three hour tantrum. Brent took the first two hour shift. I had taken some benadryl because my eyes were swelling shut so I had actually fallen asleep when it started and surprisingly slept through the bulk of the drama. When I finally woke up, the other natives were restless waiting for their time at the pool. So I stayed in the bedroom with Luisa and Brent took the other kids to the pool.

Each time she has tantrumed before, once she submits and obeys us, it is over and there is no further discipline. But today, she brightened up as soon as she saw the other kids getting ready to go to the pool. Total manipulation. So I told her that even though she was happy, she still wasn't going to the pool today. Oh, boy. Then the last hour of the tantrum occurred. But, hopefully she learned that we mean what we say and tantruming is never going to result in blessing.

It rained through the afternoon so we spent the afternoon watching movies and crafting. Thank the Lord for crayons, paper, tape and Dora movies!

Tonight is not done yet. Luisa is having difficulty going to bed and Cindy is laying on our bedroom floor screaming because she doesn't want to go to bed. Thankfully Jonathan isn't giving us trouble. Poor boys, they keep asking for the door to be shut so they can go to sleep and not listen to the screaming.

Cait started running a fever today so I have a feeling whatever this virus is is going to run its course through everyone. At least we have Benadryl and that will knock them out!

Oh, one nice thing I found: everyone likes Baked Oatmeal! I bought all the ingredients to make since it is a staple in our house in the US. It is filling and healthy and easy. It was a little tricky since there are no measuring cups or teaspoons in the house. I just had to eyeball it. It turned out fine.

Ok, Brent went in to check Cindy because it was quiet suddenly. She had fallen asleep under our bed. He was able to pull her out with only a few whimpers and she went back to sleep in bed. Hopefully we are finished for the night. I'm pooped.

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  1. I feel your exhaustion. I am amazed that you are still able to update the blog- thanks for keeping us informed. I am impressed with the progress being made, even though there are setbacks- these kinds of days will happen! Thank you Jonathan for being a good boy and going to bed!!! Ah, life with more than one girl... it is very emotional ;) You will do great!


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