Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 12

Today we had a slow start with a big breakfast and lots of coloring. The kids finally hit the bottom of the ream of paper I brought- or so they think! Luckily when I saw how fast we were going through paper, I reserved half the ream in the closet. I'm putting the call out now for anyone reading this, that we would appreciate ANY donations of scrap paper!!! We are going to be using a lot, for sure!

At 10am Gloria#1 picked up me and the chicos to go for their last vaccination they needed before their embassy doctor visit. We didn't tell them about it until just before she got there, and right away we heard the whining about not wanting a "vacuna"! Luisa whimpered in the back seat the whole way to the clinic, but Cindy chatted cheerfully the whole time. Once we arrived, Luisa tried to not enter the office, so I had to half drag her in. She started crying and I started wondering how in the world I was going to manage getting her to sit still for a shot. She is tall and strong. No way for me to hold her still by myself!

Since Luisa was upset the nurse decided to take Cindy first. Well, look out! Miss Cheerful turned into Little Monster as soon as I picked her up. I had to sit on the table with her on my lap and hold her tight. But the worst part was after it was over! She had a royal tantrum on the floor, kicking, screaming, taking her shoes and socks off and trying to run out the door! She must have been saying "Get me outta here" because one nurse (God bless the woman!) told her "Ok, lets go!" and she took her hand and let her walk around the building (no shoes and one sock!) until she calmed down!

All this time, the other nurse was trying to get Jonathan to sit up at the table and I was trying to pull him from between the chairs on the floor unsuccessfully! Thankfully, the nurse and Gloria were able to talk to Luisa and took her in the room first. I think they said something about acting like a strong Colombiana (Colombian woman!)! LOL! They told her to just hold her breath. She did it and NOT A WHIMPER! I was so proud of her! She had been so scared and acted so brave! I think she was proud of herself too. She had a great smile on her face. 

She told Jonathan that it was easy and didn't hurt. That made him let his guard down so I could pick him up and sit with him on the table. It took me, two nurses, Luisa and Gloria (in her late 70's!) to hold him still! LOL!  I had brought Double Bubble Gum as a treat for afterwards so he was anxious to get that.
Thankfully, it is all over and next time they need shots, Brent is going to come too! I was sweating by the time we finished!

While I had the kids at the appointment, Brent and the bio kids had Daddy time! They walked around the area, bought soda and had a fun time talking. It was very timely and I think they really  needed the decompression time.

Once everyone was together again, we all headed to the pool, of course! It was kind of cool, so it didn't last too long. Back to the apartment for snacks and craft time and a movie. This seems to be our afternoon schedule! We decided to fix an early dinner of carne (thin beef steak), potatoes and fresas (strawberries) that I bought off a street vendor.  After dinner we headed back to the pool because the sun came out and the kids weren't worn out enough!

Luisa is definitely our fish! She could swim all day! She has progressed so much in 12 days! Actually all of them have! I am so impressed!

We were all set to walk down the road to get an evening snack of bunelos, when the heavens opened and it started POURING! Out of the blue- no clouds at all! Crazy! But, Brent, Jake, Grant, and Luisa still decided to walk down in the rain to get some bunelos and bring them back to the rest of us.

The past two times, Brent has gotten a few extra for our apartment manager. He is always stationed at the gate and is so sweet. He speaks a little English and goes out of his way to help us out or chat with the kids. The other day when we had to leave the soccer field with Jonathan crying, the manager just smiled. Today he asked Jonathan if he was ready to be a good listener to mami and papi and if he was calm now! LOL! Often times we have wondered what the other people in this complex think about this crazy group of gringos. But there have been many other adoptive families in these apartments so I am sure it isn't too strange. Though I am sure we are still quite the spectacle! The other moms with their kids just smile and stare! LOL!

So far, we have had no other issues or tantrums, so I shall declare today a success! (Can't count the vaccination issues. That's different!) 

I must say that I am so excited for the Bynions to bring home Maddie Lidong Bynion! I'm sad we won't get to welcome them home, but glad that they can start their new lives together in the US this weekend! I miss them all so much! Emails and the occasional skype to China are good, but face to face is best! Can't wait to meet the little sweetie! I am praying that Cindy and Maddie will be friends! It is mind boggling to think we have been on this adoption journey together for so long and now it is coming to a close. Well really, it is just the beginning! God is so good.

I am so grateful for all the emails and facebook messages that all of you have been sending. They are such a wonderful encouragement for us. To know that other people care and are loving us from afar is one of the greatest blessings to us. So thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. 

I have also appreciated the emails from several adoptive families that are in the trenches right now (Hi Lori!) or have walked this road of older sibling group adoption. It is such a relief to know that the things we are living through are normal and WILL GET BETTER! It is a huge encouragement to see their blogs or hear their testimonies of how their families have grown and blossomed into something beautiful even if they had rough beginnings. This gives me such great hope. God really does redeem the time that they lost when they didn't have their family. Already we have seen tremendous progress and change in just 12 days. When we keep our eyes looking to the future it keeps us from being dragged down in discouragement in the middle of a crisis. I pray I can always keep the biblical eternal view instead of wallowing in a temporal mindset.


  1. well, at least the vaccinations are done for now :) sounds like that was quite the experience. Praying you through the next 3 weeks! can't believe you & Wendy both have your kids now - God is amazing!

  2. please let me know how i can send paper or whatever craft supplies you need. also, the picture of jhonatan and the boys in the car with their arms around him made both me and my SWAT husband cry! The family is beautiful!


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