Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 16

Today was a more challenging day. After a week of good days, we were due for a fun day of tantrums! LOL!

It started off good... Daddy walked down and bought bunuelos for breakfast. (I am glad this apartment doesn't have a scale. I'll deal with the consequences when we go home!) We tidied the house and then headed to the pool. We enjoyed catching up with Amanda and the two kids who ended up staying with her in Colombia for the rest of their adoption process. We hadn't seen her for a few days, so it was nice to sit and chat and share stories. A bunch of the kids went on a bug hunt for a while! They came back with a bunch of pool toys filled with critters!   Then it started to thunder so we all headed back to the apartment for lunch.

After lunch we could tell that Luisa was heading downhill. I can't put my finger on what the issue was, but she was just itching for a fight.  Finally around 5pm it hit. She spiraled down and ended up with an hour long tantrum. Much shorter than last Saturday, but still exhausting. Jonathan must have been heading that direction too, because he decided to throw a tantrum at the same time, but his only lasted a few minutes. He ended up with several more throughout the evening. It seems Luisa has them less frequently, but when they come they are doosies! Jonathan has them more often but they are not as bad or as long. Brent and I talked and we are actually relieved that it happened today. The past week was a nice reprieve, but I think they needed to test the boundaries again and learn that they haven't moved since last week.

Cindy was so adorable today. She only wanted Cait for the greater part of the day, which was so cute. Cait loved it, but I think that might have fed into Luisa's frustration today. I think jealousy played a part even though Cait did a good job including Luisa.

We brought out the UNO game this afternoon during the rainy time. I think they  loved it! I lost track of how many rounds we played! A perfect game for their ages! And it helps with learning numbers and colors in English!

Then the boys and Cindy decided to put every single hair accessory that we brought into my hair and Cait's hair! Oh, you should see the pictures! Our heads were sore at the end because they just rip the hair accessory out of our hair instead of unclipping!  

The chicos are very interested in learning English. It is so cute to hear them repeat words and phrases. Luisa copies when I say Okee-dokie! So funny!

Brent made a delicious traditional Colombian meal tonight. It was a honey lime chicken glaze. He is much more daring and ambitious in the kitchen! I love when he cooks, though! This is one of our favorite times together when we cook together in the kitchen. Luisa helped out for a while. Brent told her that he was making his specialty meal. So she had to make her specialty too! She made a delicious lime drink. I think it was only water, fresh squeezed limes and sugar, but it was very refreshing!

I'm glad the weekend is over. I was really missing being in church today. Missing fellowship and the teaching. I know I can listen online, but it is so chaotic and loud here that I wouldn't hear it anyway. Tomorrow the court is open so hopefully we will get Sentencia sometime this week.  I'm ready to come home! (I feel bad saying that when we've only been here over two weeks and there are other families that have been here 6 weeks! Sorry, Lori! Praying for sentencia for you guys tomorrow!)

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  1. You may be surprised by the bathroom scale when you come home (in a good way). I actually lost 10 lbs in the 3 weeks we were in Colombia. I didn't watch what I ate at all, but with all the walking, the altitude and the tantrums - it didn't matter :).


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