Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 2

Today we learned a lot more about  the kids likes and dislikes! When we woke up, so did all the kids. So Brent put on a movie for them so we could have our quiet time with the Lord. We think they are not used to having a slow start to their day like that. Our bio kids are fine lounging around for half an hour until we get moving, but the ninos wanted to get started on breakfast and chores right away. Luisa was in the laundry area scrubbing clothing and trying to get breakfast started and the other two were wanting to get clothes changed. I forgot that they are probably used to having a rapid pace to their morning getting ready for school. As homeschoolers I forget about that stuff!

We had a meal of huevos (scrambled eggs), strawberries and arepas. Luisa wanted to fry the arepas in oil, but Gloria had shown me how to toast them on the stovetop with a special grill. Cindy and Jonathan didn't like them. I think Luisa humored me and ate half. So tomorrow we'll do it her way! LOL!

After breakfast we took everyone outside to the playground. It was only 9:30 but it was already hot! The kids all started asking if we could go to the piscina (pool). So we did! They love it so much and keeps them entertained for a long time. So far we haven't had rain except for at night so it is perfect during the day. After an hour or two Cindy started looking tired and said she wanted a siesta (nap). So we all headed back in for lunch. While I got all the kids changed and settled, Brent laid out a smorgasboard of food. He put out a bunch of options just so we could see what they kids liked and didn't like! Jonathan is our junk food/picky  kid. He and Quinn will get along great. Quinn could live on cheese sandwiches and Jonathan loved them too. Only he added strawberry marmalade and ketchup to his! HA! Cindy is a super slow eater, either because she is so tired or so silly. She likes to play with her food and sing songs to it! LOL! Too cute! Luisa is a super huge eater! Just like Cait. She even finished off a few of her siblings leftovers! I wondered at first if it was an adoptive child/attachment issue of needing to hoard as much food in her tummy as possible, but now I don't think so. She is just a big eater!

After lunch we had several episodes of Jonathan wanting something he couldn't have and he would pout under the bed. At one point he fell asleep under there which is was probably what he needed. He and Brent went head to head several times. He is testing the pecking order as we expected. Brent started playing our "Yes, Papi" game that we did when training the other kids just to start with some practice in obedience. Brent would call Quinn and Q would say "Yes, Papi" and come immediately to Brent. Then Brent popped a Reeses Pieces in his mouth and praised him. Then he practiced with Jonathan. He caught on quick (of course! he likes junk food!) although he didn't ask for a candy and after a while Brent didn't give him one every time. He loved the game and it really was a bonding time for them. They had a few more rounds of testing authority, but that little bout with the candy really helped things to resolve quickly.  I hope to play the game with Luisa and Cindy tomorrow. They were engrossed in making arepas out of play doh at the time and were oblivious to what else was going on! LOL!
Even though today was a little bit more challenging with the obedience issues (which are really VERY minor) we are glad that they are able to relax a bit and let their true selves come out instead of trying to put on a perfect child facade. These little battles show that they are feeling comfortable in our family already which is great news. Everyone in adoption circles talks about the honeymoon phase and how great it is, but I really hope that we can get it over with as fast a possible and get to know them for who they really are. It is more work, but that is where the real growth will happen. Maybe today is the start of it!
After a quiet afternoon playing legos and playdoh and skyping with family, we walked the kids down the road to get ice cream cones. They were so excited and so cute eating them! Cindy wanted nothing to do with the stroller since she had just got up from a nap. She only wanted me, and although I really love hearing her say "Cargame!" (hold me!) it was a LONG walk carrying her all the way to the stores! My arm muscles are not used to toddlers!  We are stared at everywhere we go. Not only are we gringos, fair skinned and blond hair, and can't speak spanish, but we are walking around with a line of 7 children behind us! Three of whom we can't even understand very well! LOL! One lady even came over and asked (in spanish so I am just surmising what she was saying) if they were ALL my kids! I told her yes, all 7 are mine but she had to ask another 3 times before she believed me! This cracks me up so much! I don't mind being stared at, but I have a hard time not laughing at the people staring. They look so funny with their mouths hanging open!
Heading back, Cindy wanted me to carry her (not Papi!), but there was no way I could do it going up the STEEP hill back to the apartment! So she cried in the stroller all the way home. She was throwing a little temper tantrum and it lasted for another 30 minutes even after we came home. She can turn off the waterworks as fast as they come on though. I was holding her the sofa and was trying to distract her. Once I mentioned play doh, boom! No more tears! LOL! Little stinker! I was having a hard time not laughing at her tears because it was so obvious she is used to getting her way by some tears! What a riot!

After dinner we just relaxed and let the kids play some more. Finally it was time for baths. Do all Colombian kids bathe in their underwear or just mine? Too funny! I told Luisa that in the US we don't wear underwear in the bath and she just laughed and said "In Colombia, SI!" I love that the girls like me to do their hair. I am a bit out of practice since Cait has been doing her hair for many years now! They both have super thick hair. Luisas's is wavy in the back and Cindy's is straight. Jonathan has a buzz cut with a curly rattail in the back. I bet if I let his hair grow out it will all be curly! How adorable! Might have to let that happen once we are home.

The kids are catching on to praying before meals and at family devotion time in the evening. Luisa can read VERY well, which was a huge surprise. I don't know if Jonathan can, but I'm thinking he can't since he just flips the pages to see the pictures.

Brent had all the kids in the bedroom for a little while tonight for a super secret meeting about Mother's Day tomorrow. Some kind of plan was connived and Luisa organized all the siblings to color in some pictures for me- though I'm not supposed to know, ok? She seemed super excited to do it and is giddy with trying to prepare a present for me! I love that she is happy about having a mami!

Bedtime went a little better tonight. Cindy cried herself to sleep tonight but it wasn't from sadness, but because I told her she couldn't get out all the baby doll toys and play since it was bedtime. I walked around with her for a half hour until she finally gave up! Again Jonathan was out in 5 minutes along with all the other boys. I only had to lay with Luisa for about 10 minutes and then she fell asleep too! We asked her if she felt better tonight and she smiled enthusiastically. I think she was much more confident about going to sleep tonight. Such progress so quickly has me totally  impressed. We expected things to be so much worse! Hopefully she won't wake up in the middle of the night, but if she does, that's fine too.

Our spanish is growing day by day and the chicos' are showing an interest in learning a few English words. So far they know Spoon and Pool! Too funny that those are their first words! Can you tell what we do as a family? Eat and Swim! HA!

So, Day 2 was another success! I love that we are getting to see glimpses into their true selves already. God is so good. We don't deserve things to be this great! But we are thankful. We are exhausted, but is a very good exhaustion!
Hasta Manana!


  1. Thank you so much for this update! I really enjoyed reading it. You are so blessed. Will continue to pray for the transition .....sounds like its going so well. Love the "eat and swim " theme! :)

  2. Wonderful update! Thank you for sharing so we can all get to know them. So thankful that it is going so well!


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