Friday, October 8, 2010

The End

Well, it has taken a month to finally update our adoption process on here!

 About 3 weeks ago we found out that Mexico will not allow our agency to reapply for approval- EVER! So, our options are over with them.

As I mentioned before, there is one other agency, Carolina Adoptions, that has Central DIF authority to process adoptions in Mexico. However, they have not received a single child referral (that's the match between a specific child to their family) since they became approved over a year ago.  Hmmmm.... I definitely think "something" is going on here....maybe political issues?

Anyway, in the process of talking to them on the phone (multiple phone calls!) the social worker told me that Mexico has just made a new regulation where they are recommending that no Mexican state allow families with 5 or more children to adopt in Mexico. Now, we only have 4 but we found out that Mexico will still only allow us to adopt one child- which will put us at 5 total. No adopting sibling groups.

In addition, they want to maintain birth order. So that means the oldest child we could receive would be 5 years old- which would be difficult to get since Mexico will only allow people to adopt children older than age 5.

So basically, even switching to another agency is out of the question since Mexico has limited our options so strongly.

From the beginning, Brent and I have felt deeply called to adopt a sibling group since they are the hardest to find families for. We have spent the last 4 weeks really praying. A. Lot. And talking. A. Lot. And evaluating heart motives. A. Lot.

First, are we still supposed to adopt?
Or, did God open our eyes to the plight of the orphan, not to adopt but to support adoption in some other way?
Or, are we meant to be in Mexico ministering in some way?

Soooo many thoughts. So many questions. So much counsel sought.

In the end, we still feel God is calling us to adopt.  There have been too many confirmations along the way to deny His hand in moving us to adopt. Thankfully, we have peace about at least one thing!


We spent a large amount of time praying about whether God has specifically called us to the country of  Mexico, or called us to adopt children in a sibling group. 

This was a little bit easier. Although we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mexico- and could even see us moving there one day, we both feel pretty strongly that God has made it abundantly clear that a sibling group is what God has called us to. Which, in the end, means we must find a new country to adopt from.

God, in His providence, provided the answer immediately. During a phone conversation with our social worker, she mentioned the country of Colombia in South America. She told me that the country is essentially in a crisis with their sibling groups. They have over 5,000 siblings that need to find families and the country of Colombia is doing whatever it takes to find homes for them. Even expediting the time process and relaxing the regulations to meet the need.

Can you believe this? We would have NEVER considered Colombia a year ago. Yet just maybe God has had us go through this year long adoption process in Mexico to get us ready for a place where there is a multitude of siblings needing families. (Oh, it just breaks my heart that there are sooo many!)

Even so, we are walking slowly and carefully- trying to be certain that we are only moving ahead at His leading. We are hesitant to say "We ARE adopting from Colombia." because, as we have learned the hard way....

"The heart of a man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps." Prov 16:9

We've started the change of country process to see if God continues opening doors for us. If He does, then we will continue walking through them. If He begins shutting them again, we'll know He is steering us down a different path.

We are truly learning what it feels like to walk by faith and not by sight. We feel like we are trying to find our way in mostly darkness with just enough light to see the step ahead of us. It's good though. It is keeping us grasping for His strength and clinging to Him as we make each little decision.

We are both learning so many new aspects of God's character. And we are learning even more what it means to listen to the Holy Spirit. It would be so much easier if there was a verse in the Bible that said, "Brent and Tiffany shalt adopt from such and such place on such and such a date." But, there is none! LOL!  So we pray, pray, pray. Wait patiently (this is so  hard!) until peace comes. Then step!

So, I feel like I should discontinue this blog. Though the title "Blessings From Mexico" did not result from the same blessings as I assumed it would (3 little children), it did still result in blessings. We have received multitudes of Blessings from Him as He has taught us so much about Himself through this past year.

If nothing else, I pray that by hearing our experience and our journey of learning to trust God in adoption, we will  possibly stir up the desire of others to follow God's command to care for the orphan- whether that be by adopting themselves or supporting the orphan in some other way.

Psalm 68:6 "God places the lonely in families...."
James 1:27 "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction...."

I haven't decided whether to start a new blog on our Colombian adventure or not. If I do, I'll link it here.

May God richly bless you.

P.S. We would still greatly appreciate it if you would pray for our "almost" children that are being left behind in Mexico. Our hearts are still broken over not being able to be a family to them. Yet, we are praying expectantly that God will set them in a loving, kind family who will teach them of God's love very soon. The orphanage director has promised that she will contact me WHEN that happens. Please continue to pray for F, A, and B.


  1. Tiff, isnt it awesome that God is all about relationship! If he did have that verse in the bible that says exactly what you should do, why would we EVER seek HIM, rely on HIM, NEED him, or search for HIM. It sounds like the Lord has grown your family through this, and I believe he is not through with you yet!! I cant wait till you can look back and say with confidence, "OH, thats why!!!" ....He is sovereign and we can trust. Continuing to you seek His direction and grow closer to Him as a family.
    Love and hugs
    ps. I believe that your experience with Mexico has been an important "defining" part of your adoption journey, and worthy to be a part of your "story" encouragement and hope is that you "continue your blog, with this the "beginning of your story" will continue....just as your journey is still going... (maybe change the name) ;)

    But this blog is a "documentation and testimoney" of how faithful our God is!!!

  2. Yes, many blessing have come from Mexico in your lives- this is definitely YOUR journey and I feel privileged to watch God's work in your family's life. Love you.


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