Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Psychologist Update

If any of you remember our first psychologist appointment for our Mexico adoption, you'll remember how slap happy and silly we felt taking the MMPI personality test. Well, we never actually found out the results of them- just that we'd passed, and that was good enough for me.

Today we had to meet with the Psychologist again to do a new report for the Colombian adoption. He is a sweet older man who is doing his best to help us get this done fast. He asked us to write down our answers to the questions ahead of time in order to save us from spending 4 hours at an appointment.

I was struggling with coming up with words to describe our "personalities", so I asked him for the results of our old MMPI so I could get some ideas on wording. He pulled it out of our file, told us that we had done just fine on the test... well,...except for one thing for Brent....He apparently is slightly controlling and hostile! LOL! I was cracking up! I was remembering how we felt like we were ready to go crazy taking that miserable test and that YES, we were both feeling a little HOSTILE as we answered those questions.

Then he explained that it just means you have to bite your tongue and not say what you are thinking....That made me laugh even more! Hmmm...could the test actually be more accurate than we thought? HAHAHAHA!


  1. clearly Brent was not kidding about this earlier

  2. That's hilarious! We're finishing up another set of paperwork since we're with a different agency. Some of it transfered over since they were doing our home study already, but not the majority of it. I'm not complaining though!


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