Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still Catching Up- Christmas 2009

Our annual trip to chop down our Christmas tree.
We had a great time going to Hamton to see the streets full of lights!
I Love this shot of my guys!
Cait got a chest full of sewing material and supplies!
Jake was so excited to get climbing with a real grappling hook and climbing shoes and gloves! Right up his alley!
Grant wanted this foldable shovel to add to his important gear bag!
Quinn was so excited to have a Despereaux lunchbox. He loves that movie!
Cait was SUPER surprised to get.....
A Wii!  We had told the kids that there was NO WAY we were getting one, but boy did they get surprised!

Christmas morning was spent differently this year. We really felt God calling us to celebrate with greater purpose. So before we opened gifts, we packed up a couple food bags, jumped in the car and drove around until God told us to stop. He stopped us at a stranger's home where we delivered the food and visited with her and prayed with her. It was an amazing time and impacted the children and us greatly. In fact, they didn't want to go home so soon, so they begged us to go to the local nursing home and find someone who wouldn't have family to visit with on Christmas. We weren't sure if they would let the kids in since swine flu was circling through hospitals, but they did! We talked and sang and prayed with a very sick elderly man who hadn't had family visit in 10 years. We are so glad we obeyed God's prompting to spend this Christmas differently!

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  1. Wow - what an amazing thing to do. What a blessing for those you spoke to and prayed with. (The elderly man hadn't had a family visit for 10 years??)

    Heather (Laura Hawk's sister)


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