Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spring 2010 Catch up

Cait and Daddy went out with her girlfriends and their daddies for a nice dinner and a browse through the bookstore. They are all getting so grown up. I pray that she sees her daddy's example when she looks for a Godly husband one day.
Being silly!
Caitlin learned how to make the famous Mexican dessert- Tres Leche Cake. Mmmm deliciouso!
We had fun fishing in the neighbor pond and catching frogs and other critters!
There is a dilapidated old farmhouse with barns and outbuildings on the same property. We had fun going exploring in the buildings and traipsing through the fields around the farm.
Presentation Night display
A trip to the Washington Zoo was full of fun!
The Panda bear entertained us for quite a while- up close!

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  1. I love Daddy/daughter dates!!! My dad still takes me out on them. Tiff, I am sure she will pick someone a lot like Brent! I never really believed that happened until I married Shawn. It's strange sometimes...


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