Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Mexico Mission Trip

There is SO much to tell about this wonderful trip to Mexico that our family took in September '09. We felt that God put a burden on our hearts to serve Him as a whole family. It was a life-changing trip in so many ways. Each of us grew and were convicted in new areas that God, in His mercy, revealed to us. We traveled with our precious friends, the Bynions, and had a fantastic time. Here are just a FEW pics of this trip....

Getting our visas!
The LONG ride to Chihuahua
Divisidero Hotel built into the edge of the canyon in the Copper Canyon
Grant brought a bike repair kit and flashlight for Luis, his penpal.
Jake and Isaia making Taco Serpientes out of play doh. These two became best buddies!
Ceci, Cait's penpal, spent a while trying to learn words in each other's languages.
Playing Uno with the kids at the orphanage. This was an incredible time for all of us. Life-changing.

Our sponsor daughter, Valentina (in front of me holding the doll) with just a few of her family members. This is in the doorway of their house. We were very blessed to be in a Tarahumaran home. They don't often let others come in.
Rogelio witnessing to a local Tarahumaran boy in the Sierra (mountains). He is such a natural with children. He and his wife Claudia have a special place in our hearts.
Ivan is our sponsor son. His mom had just had a baby so Brent and I took him (with Hector and Gloria) to see her in the hospital. Unfortunately, the baby did not survive and the mom has been so sad ever since. We are so thankful that we were able to minister to her and her son during this sad time. Ivan is a sweetie-pie!
Hector is a phenomenal minister of the gospel. We were so blessed to be at Lightshine the week that the gospel story was told! 

 We have TONS more photos, and MANY more memories of this incredible trip. Each one of us has gone through periodic "Chihuahua withdrawl" since we've come home. God was so good to allow us to serve Him in Mexico.

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